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Prescription Drug Rehab

Unity Recovery Center is a premiere prescription drug rehab facility whose focus is on helping patients manage chronic pain on their own, without relying on their pain medication to "mask" their discomfort. It may not be possible to live completely pain-free for some people; however, it is possible to manage chronic pain without spiraling back into addiction. Unity Rehab offers comprehensive and holistic prescription drug abuse programs designed to address the addiction needs of its patients, provide them with individual therapy, a social group support setting, and alternative healing techniques.

Depending on the degree of addiction, Unity Rehab's prescription drug rehab programs range from short-term to long-term residential treatment, outpatient drug rehab, and also include holistic pain management approaches, counseling and behavior therapy. By offering a plethora of treatment programs, Unity Rehab is able to ensure that every patient's individual addiction needs are met while in prescription drug rehab.

While there has been a decrease in the use of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin, prescription drug abuse continues to rise. Prescription drugs are now the most abused drugs in the country, second only to marijuana. The number of prescriptions filled for opioids such as oxycontin and oxycodone, some of the most addictive prescription medications available, have also dramatically increased in the last several years, only fueling the country's prescription drug abuse problem and further requiring the need for prescription drug rehab.

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